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Erotism: (from Greek : "amorous desire") refers to all the phenomenas that awaken sexual desire. Eroticism and the adjective "erotic" characterize everything that, on the basis of a representation linked to sexuality, arouses an emotional and sensual excitement, inseparably physical and mental. In that sense, eroticism is different from sexuality, for it does not refer to the sexual act itself, but rather to everything that provokes sexual desire, and to all the mental projections that it evokes, especially fantasies. Eroticism is there to provoke desire by stimulating the imagination.

Located in the heart of the historic and literary "Quartier Latin", the Théâtre Chochotte is a unique theater in France where are staged feminine sensuality and desire.

Created more than thirty years ago, the Théâtre Chochotte has become a true institution, symbolizing French eroticism, freed from the taboos and bourgeois propriety that restrict it elsewhere, sometimes poetic, always elegant.

It is a journey out of time, a surprise in the intimacy of a boudoir where different universes intersect, where silhouettes with singular beauty meet, where is danced a hymn to pleasure and voluptuousness.

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